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  • Hello Jean, there are no plans available for this design. I just built it short and rigid so that I would be able to do light aluminum work on it. It does aluminum well for what it is. The Z axis is pretty limited in travel, it has never caused me a problem with my routing or machining projects and it can be adjusted higher if needed, but at the cost of rigidity.

  • Sir

    I just found this site and your build log for your system. My question is “Are you or have you released plans for this build?” If so I would be very interested in them as would would enjoy building it. Looking at other designs has left me with feeling that they are not as robust as yours. Please contact me with any information you are willing to share.

    Thank you in advance

    Jean Maue

  • Hi there, I’m sorry but I don’t normally share my 3D original files. The design which I originally drew is not what I used for my final product but it was a workpiece to start from and visualize things to come up with the final design.

  • Helder Costa
    Comment on Part 12 : DIY CNC : Finished – But is it Ever? (May 13th, 2012 at 12:05)

    Can you share your cad drawings ?

    Best regards,

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