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  • Fomu
    Comment on New Spindle Motor for CNC Router Arrived (March 9th, 2015 at 13:35)

    Hello John,

    I´m wondering, is it easy for you to change tools during a machining session with this spindle? I´m interested in machining steel and aluminium with this and would like to know if this spindle is the correct one.

    • Hi Fomu,
      It’s not too difficult to change tools during machining. You basically just need two wrenches, one for the main shaft of the spindle, and one for the collet holder and then reset your z-axis zero manually or with a sensor and automatic re-zeroing procedure. (Automatic procedure: )

      In regards to machining aluminum and steel, you might want to do some reading first. This spindle with a cheap VFD does not have much low speed performance. The VFD I chose won’t really run it well below 6000 RPM which can be way too high depending on the material. I’ve read a post on that one guy was able to get pretty good low speed performance using a hitachi VFD and customizing the settings. Take a look at his post at read the thread, but check out the post by Isakl and it may be useful.

      You may also want to consider a belt driven spindle with stepped pulleys and a regular 3-phase motor driven by a VFD. This will give you a wide speed range but a heavier setup. I’ve considered adding a secondary bolt-on spindle with step pulleys on top to my Z-axis that could be run off the main spindle/motor when I needed lower speeds. When you need the low speeds you could attach the secondary spindle, flip the brushless spindle motor 180 degrees so it’s pointing to the top and add a pulley ‘tool’ into the collet to power the secondary spindle. It might be worthwhile to trying the Hitachi VFD.

  • Hi Jon, How is the 2.2KW spindle going? I bought one for my CNC machine that I’m building and I was surprised how heavy it is. It weighs 5KG. Is yours similar? I’m concerned that the poor ol’ Z leadscrew might have trouble lifting it. Thinking counterweights or gas struts at present. I’m building my machine out of MDF with 20mm supported shaft for the Y and 16 mm supported shaft for the X. Using 387 oz/inch steppers and a G540 too. I’m also into building model planes so hope to use it for that as well as general woodwork.

    • Hi Paul, I haven’t had any problems with my Z, but I lucked out on a nice ballscrew and rail arrangement that seems to have no problem with the weight. I have a friend who uses a small-diameter pneumatic cylinder connected to his air line with a regulator on it. He can dial in the amount of counter-force to balance out the spindle. You can get adjustable gas/oil filled or spring loaded cylinders (sort of like what’s in a hatchback) sold as door closers at the hardware store You can just twist the base on some of them to increase or decrease the force.

  • Comment on New Spindle Motor for CNC Router Arrived (May 6th, 2014 at 11:15)

    What is speed & feed use to cut aluminum with 1/8″ flush?

  • Ramon
    Comment on New Spindle Motor for CNC Router Arrived (December 24th, 2012 at 10:19)

    Hi there,

    I stumbled upon your article and am wondering just how much you paid for it.. Also i’m curious as to how the VFD is hooked up to the controller.
    I would want to put one of these in a modified ShapeOko (nema17 driven DIY CNC)
    Is this a wise plan you think?

    • Hi Ramon,

      I don’t remember the exact price but it was around 550USD. I bought the spindle and vfd from two different people. It probably would have been cheaper if I bought it from one vendor.

      I use a gecko 540 4 axis controller which has a variable voltage output on one of the pins which is connected to the VI pin of the VFD to control the speed. I use a relay on another output pin of the G540 to control forward and reverse/enable lines on the VFD.

      As for your setup, I’m not familiar with your machine or how its linear drives are ‘geared’ and how much weight it can handle. The spindle weighs quite a bit (15-20lb?) and then you’ll have wiring and water cooling lines.

      Hope that helps

  • How is the spindle and vfd working? Would you recommend this one, and if so, who did you buy from? Thanks!

    • The spindle and the VFD are working out great for me so far. I’ve done a fair amount of work in FR4 and acrylic with it so far but I’ve not done any aluminum so I can’t tell you much about that. Before I do Al I need to look up the settings to get the spindle running at much slower speed with reasonable torque. I read an article about this on CNCZone as doing it with the wrong settings can damage the VFD and motor. Right now I run between 9000 and 24000 RPM. The gentleman who provided the custom settings for the VFD said he was running speeds under 1000RPM reliably. I’d like to get it down to 1500-3000 for doing aluminum. You can of course do it at the higher RPMs but I think better quality results would be achieved being able to get the right RPM.

  • Comment on New Spindle Motor for CNC Router Arrived (March 27th, 2012 at 11:47)

    This looks like a great setup! Thanks for sharing a bit about it, and for posting the video.

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