Model Airplane News had in their most recent article a sweepstakes to win a free Multiplex Funjet Ultra or ZD Racing ZMB Ready-To-Run Buggy, here’s how!  You just have to watch the video to get the codes (They’re after the 4 minute mark) and then enter those codes into the sweepstakes form.  You have to enter before April 1, 2011 though so if you’re reading this and it’s March 3, 2019 you’re too late.  Anyways please go to the site and check it out.  The Multiplex Funjet Ultra or even the buggy would make a great free FPV vehicle, and even if you don’t put a camera on them they’d probably be quite a bit of fun!

Hey! Free stuff, how can you beat that?

This reminds me of a joke.  I used to be skeptical of sweepstakes and drawings and other things. I’ve never been one to win anything so I’ve just never bothered.  I’ve heard about people who enter lots of sweepstakes and have won a lot of neat stuff. And I don’t mean they enter a few random sweepstakes. I mean that they enter every one that they can find.  Most states regulations on sweepstakes require that ANYONE can enter the sweepstakes and they don’t have to subscribe to a magazine or buy a product to be listed. It may make for a bunch of junk mail, but we already get a lot of that anyways.

A good man with a good life would really like to win the lottery, and while he knows it’s a selfish he considers all the positive things he could do with the money. So one night he prays up to heaven, ‘Lord, I know it’s selfish of me to ask this, but I could do a lot of good things, please let me win the lottery.’ This continues night after night.

The man’s kids grow up, he grows old and eventually he passes away. As he’s sitting up in Heaven and the Lord comes by and talks to the man, welcoming him to Heaven.  The man of course is humbled, but curious, and he asks the lord, ‘Lord, I asked you and asked you to help me win the lottery and it never happened. I could have helped so many people and done good things with that money, but instead it went to people who wasted it. Why didn’t you answer my prayer?’

The Lord answers in a deep powerful voice, ‘You have to buy a ticket!’

So if you think you never win anything, maybe it’s because you didn’t ‘buy a ticket’.  Best of luck! Go the the Sawyer R/C website for details and links!