I was sent this video from Chris Luxembourg called BATTERY OR WELDING MACHINE. (He has since closed his youtube account and the videos are no longer available!) He built this monster Li-Poly pack for his Lowracer project, a hybrid/electric super-efficient bicycle. Bicycle may not be the appropriate name for the thing. Looking at some of his other videos it looks like a pretty advanced high-efficiency enclosed bicycle with features such as a leaning chassis and mostly all custom construction.  The battery pack is made from 20 Kokam 11.1v/4500mAh battery packs which he disassembled and then built into one large pack.  Overall rating of this huge LiPoly pack is 37V at 27Ah features a 66C discharge rate and stores 1000 Watt hours of energy.  The pack charges in 30 minutes with 45 Volts at 54 Amps

(Chris closed his YouTube account, the video that was here has been removed)

If you’re interested in large packs, he also has this older video of building a 360 cell LiPo battery pack from commercial 650 mAh packs that are wired up in 1s2p configuration for a total of 1300mAh per pack. He uses super-caps to provide for high burst current requirments.

(Chris closed his YouTube account, the video that was here has been removed)

I couldn’t help but start thinking of the type of radio control helicopters one could build with packs of unusual sizes (POUSs? I don’t think they exist!  …..  Arrrrgh!)  I wonder if one of these is about the size an R-MAX would have in it.   Check out his video, it’s some pretty awesome work and interesting to see the design and layout, he does a little arc welding with the pack at the end of the video.

You can find out more about his projects on his ChrisLuxembourg’s YouTube Feed (no longer available, sorry!).

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