I recorded the pack current and volts on my Thunder Tiger Mini Titan / ACE Mini-Titan R/C Helicopter using an Eagle Tree flight data recorder V3 with my new setup. I had some awesome flights with flips and rolls and high G-force turns mixed in while flying with Ollie on Saturday.

My new setup for this heli uses metal mixing arms, green paddles, a Scorpion HK-2221-8 brushless motor, Castle Creations Phoenix-45 and a 13 tooth pinion.  The current draw looks pretty reasonable, on the high power climb outs you can see a large spike up to as high as 44 amps. The current draw was measured using an Eagle Tree flight data recorder mounted in the helicopter.

This helicopter climbs like crazy with this setup, very very fast!  The current is about 10 amps below the peak of the batteries capabilities though so I’m glad it stopped there.  Going too much further would probably result in LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) puffing!  The LiPo batteries are rated at 25C discharge and the pack is 2200mAh or 2.2 Amp hours.  with the 25C rating this is 25 * 2.2 which turns out to be 55 amps.

Anyways, check out the results from the flight data recorder mounted on my rc heli in the gallery below.  The battery pack voltage is the green line and the numbers on the right, and the current draw through the ESC and brushless motor is the purple line and the numbers on the left(in amps).

As always, if you have any questions please use the contact links on this website, they’re fairly visible.  As for the photos click on the photo and use the left/right arrows on the bottom right of the image to navigate through the slides. AND as always, thank you for your support by viewing my site, it makes this site possible! There’s a lot of other related R/C content here, just click the ‘Jon’s Hobbies’ link at the top right to see more posts.

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