I’ve been running some test prints with my Taulman Bridge filament. As you might remember from my previous post the Taulman Bridge filament is very strong and difficult to break or delaminate.

A couple of the parts I printed accidentally went through the washing machine, when they came out I noticed that they seemed to have absorbed quite a bit of water.  What’s interesting to note is that these wet pieces were much more flexible than when they were dry and felt more like a rubber than a nylon material.  The pressure roller bracket I had printed for my Wade style extruder, in this state, would be useless for it’s job, but when first printed it would be great and my test angle which was flexible yet fairly stiff is now really flexible and not as stiff.

I guess some more testing would be in order to see how the properties change when exposed to water. For me this is not such a big deal, but for someone else who might be printing items out of Taulman for DIY submersibles or other high water exposure projects, it might be something to test for.

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