I’m patiently awaiting for the arrival of some new parts for my thunder Tiger / ACE Mini-Titan. I wasn’t very happy with the plastic control arms on the rotor head that came with the kit, they tend to flex under load. I’m already running an ACE metal CNC head block on the helicopter, so I’m doing a partial upgrade on it.  I also ordered a metal CNC washout base as well.

I also ordered a new motor and speed controller. The primary reason for ordering the motor was that I think one of my bearings on the stock ACE red motor is going out and I figured I might as well get something decent.   I ordered a new speed controller because I don’t like the setup on the stock one too much.   The stock controller and motor will get used in a less critical application, I’m not sure where, yet, but I have some ideas.

The Scorpion motors come well recommended and well reviewed. With the HK-2221-8 being what most people use in a Mini-Titan if they go with a Scorpion, and the HK-2221-6 providing extreme performance with the cost of possible excessive parts wear.  Even on ‘high end’ helis it can cause excessive wear.

And to finish of my binge purchase of heli stuff I bought a set of green paddles.  In reality I’ve seen people fly the heck out of a stock Mini-Titan, far greater than my abilities allow, so I doubt I’ll ever have to upgrade beyond this for quite a while.

I bought all of the parts through HeliProz, due to past good experiences.  You may be able to save a few bucks shopping elsewhere, there are many dealers for these kind of helicopters, parts, supplies and other things out there.  Don’t forget to consider shipping costs when buying parts.   Buying through 5 different companies to save on parts may end up costing you more in the end once you calculate in the shipping costs.

Shopping List:
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Motor:  Scorpion HK-2221-8
Speed Controller: Castle Creations Phoenix-45
Pinion Gears: Ace PV0729 13-Tooth
Metal Flybar Control Levers: Ace PV0807
Metal Mixing Levers: Ace PV0805
Metal Washout Base: Ace PV0808
Paddles: Ace PV0837

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