Some friends and I flew some RC aircraft to celebrate Labor Day.  We had been out on Sunday and got some flying in too at our ‘south’ field with a few other friends, and this video is from up ‘north’ at our other field.  On Monday my buddy Ollie and my buddy Bryn who we’re trying to get into R/C flying went out to the field.  They’re both great folks to hang out with, Bryn’s videography is getting better each time and Ollie is constantly pushing me to improve my abilities and try new things which is really important if you want to expand you abilities.

You can see the Labor Day RC Heli Video by clicking the link to the left (or embedded below!)  More below the.. fold(?)

My helicopter is the Thunder Tiger / Ace RC Mini-Titan 450 with the white canopy and LED lighting on it.  It’s got a Scorpion 2221-8 brushless motor on a stock Mini-Titan frame. (The only upgrades are the motor/ESC,  metal head block, mixing arms and the carbon fiber blades).  I’m running an Airtronics SD-10G radio with the 8 channel Rx, LT2100 gyro, Castle Creations 50ICE and HG-65mg servos for cyclic/pitch on the head and a Futaba 9257 for the tail.  Most of my packs are Turnigy 2200’s.  I have 1 Outrage battery pack left, and it still outputs a lot of power but is puffed like crazy and doesn’t balance well.

Ollies heli is a T-Rex 450 with carbon fiber side frames, an aluminum upper with a custom OT Model Fab upper bearing support for the motor.  He’s running a flybarless setup with the Skookum SK-720 flybarless module which is pretty awesome.  He’s running a Scorpion 2221-6 with a Hyperion ESC.  He’s reported the tail kicking out a few times, but I’m sure he’ll get it sorted it and overall the response is awesome.  He’s running a JR 8103 with a Spektrum 2.4Ghz module on it as well, and some INOtech metal gear servos for the cyclic/pitch. His machine is a freaking monster for a 450 and it’s gotta be seen to be believed.

Both helis are running the same carbon fiber rotor blades which are less than $20 a pair.  Ollie is running around 3200 RPM on the rotor and I’m running about 2500 on the rotor according to our heli-nut friends from HeliFlightCenter who are local and a couple of good guys.

The plane you see occasionally is Ollie’s ‘Tiny’ and older model which he flies with great skill and seems to enjoy quite a bit pushing it to it’s limits. I don’t know the exact specs but it runs a tiny brushless motor (pinky sized thickness) on a geared prop, it gets long flights and looks great!

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