I’m selling my EG&G / Perkin Elmer TM-29 Thyratron driver to help fund another project. If you’re interested in buy this TM-29 Thryatron Driver please check it out my EG&G TM-29 Thyratron Driver on eBay. I am selling of this item to fund another project that I’m currently working on. I’ve already sold one TM-29 driver and this is my second one. I’ve not seen these available anywhere online in the last couple of years so I’m guessing that they’re a fairly rare item, or at least rare to be sold. I don’t think most people in the right mind would get rid of a commercially built Thyratron driver.

The TM-29 Thyratron driver is designed to drive Thyratron grids at up to 1400 volts. It is designed for Thyratrons 3 inches in diameter and larger and is 20kV isolated and does not include internal biasing electronics. It may also be used to drive any other devices which require a triggering pulse within the specification range. The full specifications of the TM-29 are available on the auction page or on my hobby laser site linked from the right.

UPDATE: I’ve sold both of these drivers. If you need a manual for this particular model please use the Feedback button on the left.

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