I replaced the fuel pump on an 87 Honda Accord today and it wasn’t all that bad.

The fuel pump is inside the tank but you don’t need to remove the gas tank. Just disconnect the battery and open up the trunk. Remove everything over the spare tire and near the back seat on the left you’ll see a metal disc sealed to the
bottom of the trunk. Remove the metal disk with a screwdriver and you’ll see the fuel pump assembly. Disconnect the electrical cable and the fuel line (some fuel may run out so no open flames, furnaces, stoves, water heaters or cigs near this.) Open the gas cap to relieve any pressure then remove the 6 bolts on top of the assembly and extract the fuel pump.

The replacement fuel pump has instructions but you must ALSO get a new filter for the new pump. The OEM FILTER WONT FIT and a new one wasn’t included! This cost me an extra trip to auto zone.

Replace the fuel pump according to the instructions and reinstall. Overall cost was about $70.

On a 1-10 scale of difficulty I’d rate this a 5 just because of the fire risk of the open fuel tank AND people’s lack of common sense around flammable materials.

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