Over the weekend I had to Replace the bearings in a Scorpion motor and made a video. The Scorpion HKII-2221-8 motor on my Mini-Titan 450 was making some weird and unhappy noises so I ordered up a new set of ceramic bearings from Boca Bearings.

The bearings were pretty easy to replace. There is a snap ring which holds the motor together which you need to pop off, and then remove the spring washer and then the motor can slides off. The motor bearings need to be tapped out as they’re a pretty snug fit. I used the end of a T-handle Allen wrench and just tapped them out.  I pressed in the new bearings, using the drill press and a wheel collar to keep from side loading the inner race and re-assembled the motor.  This is a pretty easy job to do.  The ceramic bearing kit from Boca Bearings for the HKII-2221-8 is part number BMK-008C.

I made a quick and somewhat silly video for the dis-assembly and re-assembly of the motor.

I hope you find it useful and that it well help your replace the bearings in a Scorpion motor of your own!