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  • hi
    nice work!! I recently found the same autotransformer up in my grandfathers house. I plugged it in and it only ended up working between 40-60 volts. what should I do? look for? this is my first time ever seeing one of these so Im a newb. my unit is just one single variator not two. any suggestions?

    thank you!

    • Thanks Morgan.

      The output of a variable transformer depends on how it’s windings are connected to the input and the output terminals. It may be that your transformer was configured for the 40-60 volt range. To find out the specs for your transformer, you should do a search for “Powerstat” and the model number. I did a quick dig for Powerstat 136b and found this document:

      Look to match your model number, and it will tell which terminals should be used for basic operation. It’s also possible you have a customize unit, that information should be printed on the nameplate though which shows all the specifications.

      Keep in mind that a variable transformer is not an isolation transformer like a normal wall wart or something along those lines. Just because you have it turned down to 1 volt or something like that doesn’t mean that you’re isolated from the mains. Touching that reduced voltage terminal can still be very hazardous.

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