After going through a few different planes trying to find one that would be suitable for FPV (First Person View) flying I think I’ve finally settled on one. After the crash of the Reactor Bpe which tore the wing off and ripped the fuselage in half, I collected all the little bits and rebuilt it. It’s not nearly as pretty but it still flies great. I added the FPV Camera, transmitter and the OSD (on-screen-display) equipment.

I’ve done a few flights with the equipment and recording the video on the ground, but I have not flown it in actual FPV yet. The first flight was earlier last week, and while things worked pretty good, there was a problem with Motor/ESC interfering with the video camera or video trasmitter signal. I had been using one battery for everything in the plane. A couple of days later I started using a separate 500mah 11.1 volt battery for the camera and video Tx and everythin cleaned up quite well.

On the second flight (the one shown in the video below) I forgot to wait for the Eagle Tree V4 GPS to lock-in enough satellites. It seems like it has a little difficulty doing this near the camera and Tx so I will probably move the GPS unit back to the tail feathers. After the nose-over landing the GPS locks in enough satellites to provide usable information.

Most of the FPV Equipment is crammed in under the canopy of the Reactor Bipe along with the barometric altimeter. The battery stuck to the side of the plane powers the camera and the video transmitter only. and the URL if the embedded player doesn’t work for you.

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