I was sitting at my computer yesterday after Saturday’s snowfall, enjoying a nice day in the warm indoors when my buddy Ollie called to see if I wanted to go flying. I started off with ‘I’ve been flying every weekend and thought I might take one off since it’s so cold outside’.  The conversation ended with me saying ‘Okay, see you at the field in an hour’.

I’m glad I went, we got a couple of flights in each in about an hour and a half’s time.  The field was deserted as is to be expected in the cold weather. There are very few ‘hardcore’ all weather fliers out there.  In past years I’ve flown in the middle of snow-storms with my friends. We took turn shooting video of each other flying. Ollie took his Cypher 3D 450 sized helicopter and I took my GP Reactor Bipe EP and my Mini-Titan 450 sized helicopter.

Ollie had these blue rubber gloves that he said helped keep your hands a bit warmer, while still allowing you to fly.  It was around 28F out, so I decided to give them a try.  They do work somewhat better than bare skin, so if you see ‘smurf hands’ in the videos, that’s the deal there.

The Mini-Titan needs some more work, so I just packed it up rather than risking fate, but flew the GP Reactor Bipe a couple of times.

For people who can’t use the built in player you can see the videos of me Here and Ollie Here and for the rest you can view the videos below.

Then we froze and went home, the end!

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