I shot another more interesting multicopter FPV flight this evening. My buddy Ollie shot the video from the handycam and was my backup pilot and spotter and I flew the camera on my Y-6 hexacopter. On my previous flight, which was my first time flying a multicopter via FPV, I just lazily strolled around because I wanted to make sure everything was working with the video downlink. In this video I pick up the pace a bit.

At one point I almost hit a tree, managed to scare a few birds and caught a quick glimpse of a bunny rabbit running away quickly!  This is really so much fun. Doing FPV with a plane was cool but this feels so much more controllable. With a plane you’re main concern is about flying the plane and where you’ll be next and less about the scenery around you. With FPV flying on a multicopter you can stop any time you want and enjoy the scenery or play hide and seek with the person shooting video on the ground, orbit an object (like the flag) and all sorts of other things.

The stability of the platform is great and while it sounds noisy, it’s just because the camera is hard mounted to the frame of the Y-6. Once I get a soft mount worked up for the GoPro a lot of that rattling will be gone.

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