I went to up the NERFF event with Ollie on Saturday, July 30 to check out the Northeast Rotary Flight Fest. We had a great time there were a lot of friendly folks to talk to and some great flying as well. I wished I had brought my own helis as the event wasn’t exclusive to just 3D smack-down type pilots and people with all levels of experience were flying.

The hosts, event management and property owners were very friendly and welcoming and we enjoyed a couple of good conversations with them. We also got a chance to talk with sponsored pilot Andrew Merlino a bit between his excellent flights as well as Outrage rep Dennis Ayotte and Jim Gertz and a bunch of other nice folks overall.

We took quite a few photographs and some HD videos and I’ve posted the good ones below. Overall there were about 300 photos I had to trim down to select 62 or so.  Please enjoy the photos and videos as well.

Click on the photos to view large versions, use the white arrows at the bottom of a photo to switch between them.

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