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  • Hi Jim, thanks a lot for posting more detailed information on your helicopters, I’ll work on correcting my post with the more accurate information. It was great to see the TRex flying as well as the CH-47 at NEAT thanks for taking them up! I posted the URL for your website up in the article near the CH-47, you have some great looking aircraft on your site.

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    Hello Jon,

    Nice photos and videos. I’m the builder of the CH-47 Chinook and the Trex with the 4-bladed head.

    The 4-bladed rotor is the “Black Angel” head from CopterX, available from and other online dealers. The bendy blades are the scale 450 blades from There’s an RCG thread showing one minor tweak I had to do to the head – adding small pieces of heat shrink to the spindle shafts to stiffen the dampers. Other than that, it’s been flawless and trouble-free over dozens of flights.

    The Chinook is my own design and is detailed at my website,

    Thanks again for posting your nice photos and video.

    All the best,

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