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  • Comment on My Blade mSR Micro Helicopter Review (November 10th, 2010 at 02:18)

    Someone named Michael asked about the chips on the mSR. I did a little research. The larger 40 pin chip most represents the CYRF69103, I know it’s not the exact chip ( CYRF8910 ) on the mSR, but it should give you an idea of the capabilities of this all-in-one processor + RF.

    PiperJ3 on says “Actually, the mSR does not have a gyro, it uses a solid-state integrated angular rate sensor and accelerometer fabricated on the same chip. This is why it is not necessary to stabilize the machine when it powers-up and binds. The rate sensor gets its information as the machine starts in motion.”

    The second chip was harder to decode it was sanded pretty good. I could tell that it is an Atmel chip ending in an 8. After a bit more research it appears to be an ATTiny88. Which means I’ve still not located and accelerometer/gyro or other MEMS device.

    On the back of the 5-in-1 board you’ll find a little silver can, here’s what you’re looking for. It appears to be a gyrostar device. While I could not find the exact part number, I did find a ‘general’ data-sheet with the pinout. The datasheet should be enough to help you get started happy hunting!

  • Mark
    Comment on My Blade mSR Micro Helicopter Review (November 6th, 2010 at 23:48)

    Although this heli looks fun, the video does show a lot of 1000 ways to die. 🙂


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