A few orange Iris’ spawned on the road edge by the highway, they’re pretty nice looking as well.   Additionally some more blue and white ones have shown up, and look exactly like the ones shown earlier this month.

We had some timed exposure fun tonight out in the yard.  I’m surprised one of us wasn’t mauled by a possum or rogue coyote while playing with the camera but we got some good long shutter photographs.  A couple of the pictures were taken with sparklers as the light source and the rest of them were taken with flashlights, an LED Pen and a laser pointer.

While these photos are examples of quite rudimentary light art it does give you an idea on how to make light art and I’m sure ones mind could come up with all sorts of ideas and make some really fascinating stuff.

I drew on the side of the house with the laser pointer in one long exposure photography light art attempt. It turned out OK though I wish the streetlight hadn’t flooded the area so much or that I had a brighter laser pointer. I live in the middle of nowhere and the only streetlight within half a mile is right in front of my house. While usually convenient, it wasn’t this time.

In the light art photographs below I’ve included descriptions with each photo so you can see what was used.  When you click on a picture, use the left and right icons at the bottom of the pictures to move through the list.

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