I’m a big fan of LED lighting which is why when I ordered a bunch of parts from SparkFun the other day I ordered a 5 watt Royal Blue LED by Luxeon.  These 1 Watt Luxeon LEDs are discontinued and brighter stuff is available now.  Up to 100 Watts or more! This LED is quite bright and I wandered a little around the house and outside of the house shooting video while illuminating things with the LED.  Blue is not a great color outdoors at night, let alone Royal Blue, but even so you get an idea of it’s brightness (way bright!).

There’s a little surprise at the end of the video, but I suggest you watch the whole video to get an idea of the brightness of this LED.

The LED was powered from a 7.2 volt battery pack directly with no ballast resistor for the LED.  I slightly discharged the pack from it’s peak voltage, however according to the Luxeon Star V Datasheet I was well within the operation range of the Royal Blue LED.

Hard Link to Video

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