Log 5 isn’t ready for posting yet, but a lot of stuff has gone on in the past couple of weeks.  I wanted to give a quick sneak peak of the front panel though because it’s looking pretty good for the most part. In the panel are two LCD volt and amp meters which I bought from eBay, three 10-turn variable resistors with some handsome Vishay-Spectrol multi-turn dials that I got from Newark Electronics and three vandal switches for various functions.

I also received some other good news this week regarding being a Road Test finalist on element14.com.

Here’s a photo of the cabinet front

Vishay-Spectrol Black Potentiometer Dials from Newark


And a close up of the nice dials from Newark, I’m really happy with how these look and installed, quality stuff.


The dial on the left will be for the Idle voltage, the one in the middle will be for adjusting the frequency of the switch mode supply, in case I run into weird harmonics or something I’ll be able to tune out of them.  The dial on the right is going to be for adjusting the output current.

The next photo shows the vandal switches from Frozen CPU. Yeah, they’re different. I really wanted 3 that looked like the middle one, but apparently I’m stuck with what I have with no resolution available. Life goes on.

mod-smart.com stupid vandal switches

That’s all the detail for now.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming monster update in Log 5!





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