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  8 responses to Installing a Huawei e353 Cell Modem on Raspberry Pi with Tmobile

  • Holy cow there’s so much info here that I needed. Thanks so much for sharing this! Now I know how to really put my modem to use.

  • I am using a hub as I have 2 usb modems plus the E353 connected!

    I am thinking of turning the E353 on/off in software. I have written a little C program to toggle a GPIO pin once with sudo ./GSM 1 and twice with sudo ./GSM 0.

    I shall then use a little PIC micro to interpret 1 or 2 pulses driving a high-side driver to power the E353. That way, the modem will consume nothing unless you want it to! Should keep me out of mischief!!

  • You’re welcome, I’m glad you got it working!

    The other option would to be to plug it in after you boot, but the Raspberry Pi will reboot as the initial power-on current is too high and will cause the Pi to reboot. A hub is another option to prevent that from happening, but I’ve found the modem works fine without a hub and I don’t have room for another device in the equipment cabinet. I may eventually splice out the power lead on the e353’s extension cable though.

    As a side note, the Raspberry Pi + e353 at idle draw right around .25 amps / 250mA in transmit the total power consumption goes up to about .37A / 370mA +/- 20mA my Raspberry PI without the e353 connected draws about .22 amps / 220mA

    Also, I’ve not been able to get this version of my e353 working with 2g or Edge so I’ve ordered a ZTE MF180 to see if that will work. Apparently the u2 version of the e353 actually has support for 2g/edge, but the newer versions do not (mine is a u-6).

  • Hi JonC

    That seems to have done the trick. Can you tell me why, please? The file new_id was empty, when I looked at it.

    btw, the path was:

    /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb-storage/new_id on my RasPi

    It wouldn’t allow sudo, so I had to drop into root to do it.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi, I have done exactly as you say and my E353 resolutely remains at 12d1:1446! During boot, it hangs after”registered new interface driver rt2800usb” and produces 2 ep7in scatterlist errors before that. After login, lsusb still shows 12d1:1446!! My OS is fully up to date.

    Under previous wheezy, the modem gave 12d1:14ac in storage mode and 12d1:1446 in modem mode. With the latest kernel update, things seem to have changed!

    • HI Brian,yeah they can be a bit annoying to get functioning and it took a bit of wrestling to pull the information I have together. What you might try doing is resetting the USB device via software with:
      sudo echo "12d1 1446" >/sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id
      and see if that will cause usb_modeswitch to trigger and switch your device to the correct mode.

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