If you enjoy flying model aircraft, or you think it’s something that others should be able to enjoy please help the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in getting the FAA to exclude private use model aircraft from their proposed regulations in H.R. 658. There are currently rule making sessions in progress at the FAA which would limit and restrict model aircraft flight and bring it under government oversight.  The AMA and the many pilots in the US have an outstanding safety record and the hobby in general has done very well being self contained and self moderated and does not require the oversight and imposed restrictions of a federal body.

I ask that you please click on the banner of the left side of this page to go to the AMA call to action page. You can write a form letter and enter it through the system  Certainly thousands upon thousands of emails to our representatives will get their attention.  It is even better if you can take the time to write a hand written letter to your congress people and other parties that you feel need to stand up and defend our hobby at the request of the people the represent, the people. Update 4-5-2011: As of the moment the AMA is no longer asking folks to write in to the government as they have received many responses. You can click on the link below to get the most up to date information though and you should keep an eye on it.


Thank you, Jon.


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