Over the past year the FAA has put together a rule making committee composed mostly of commercial UAV and sUAS operators to build new regulation for model aircraft.  This committee only has one representative from the AMA and 10 from the commercial UAV and sUAS sectors and the rules they are creating are heavily damaging to the hobby of flying model aircraft.  They are creating rules which damage the hobby which has been around for many decades and which has an extremely high safety record and has done an excellent job at self regulation.  These commercial companies are persuing the creation of the rules to further their own financial interests and have no interest in making sure that radio control aircraft stay an interesting and fun sport and hobby for 100’s of thousands of people in the US.

Now is the time to stand up and take action.  The AMA has put resources online which make it very easy to contact your state representatives.  Not only should you take the time to contact them through the form (It takes about 3-4 minutes) but you should also get your friends and family involved to help support your hobby.

To make your voice heard to your congress people please click on the link underlined below and follow the instructions.  Hopefully with enough voices we can get an exclusion passed for model aircraft which will help prevent us from being affected by these draconian laws and keep this great hobby available and accessible to everyone in the future.

I know Tom K has sent this out to the email list. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign your name to the letter and send it to your congress people online, no stamp or post office required!  As of now only 236 people in NY state and 22,000 nationwide have done this.  AMA estimates over 150,000 people in the hobby so lets get more people involved.

If you have friends or family who aren’t in the hobby but they feel that the hobby and our freedoms are important to us, get them on board too by having them go to the link and follow a couple of little steps to send out this email to their congress people.  If you’re on social networks get this link out there to everyone, whether or not they’re into model aircraft. This affects model aircraft flying, which is a wholesome, education and community building hobby, on a nationwide basis and is yet another attempted over-reach of authority by the US Government. Click on the link below.

AMA Call To Action and Form Letter with Automatic EMail Contact to Congress People – 3-4 minutes max time spent to save our hobby!

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