I was having a glitch with my GoPro Hero 2 where the photos would come out with 1/3 or 2/3rds of the image corrupted and darker than the rest of the image. This occurred while I was shooting 5mp time-lapse with spot metering enabled. You can see a couple of corrupt photographs below.

Since this was for a time-lapse video it totally messed with the video causing lots of flickering.  I use a registered version of Apple QuickTime to assemble the still images into a video, it works really well.

I contacted GoPro and they said this is a known problem with the firmware that the camera shipped with and to install the Cineform software, then plug the camera into the USB port, turn the camera on, then start Cineform and it would offer to update the camera with the latest firmware.  Problem solved so far, I haven’t seen this issue again.

With that problem solved I once again love this camera!


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