Well, the new glider destined for FPV (First Person View) flight is ready.  I built a power-pod, and as you can see in the new video.  The power-pod is based on the ElectriFly 35-36-1200kv Rimfire brushless motor that I had on the Great Planes Reactor Biplane.

I built the power-pod out of some 3/8″ light ply.  The main tower section is laminated 1/4″ ply to achieve a total 3/4″ ply or something like that. I used the Gorilla Glue urethane stuff for the lamination.  Then I laminated on the 2×3/8ths some smaller pieces shaped to the wing, using a Dremel to shape everything out.  It turned out good! I aimed for about 3-5 degrees inclination on the power pod, but it still noses down a bit when power is applied. I’m going to add a couple of spacers under the front of the mount to add a few degrees and see how that goes.

I flew this plane 3-4 times on the tests, but I forgot to blue Loctite the screws.  That’s a bit of a mistake, the plane started up with the vibes in the 3rd/4th flight and I landed it early. Always remember to Loctite your metal to metal fasteners or things might fall off in flight. It could have gotten pretty ugly.

You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking this link:  Great Planes Spirit 100 Inch Glider With Power Pod or watch it embedded below.

To check out the progress you can view my Spirit 100 Glider FPV Conversion Progress – New Canopy post, the Spirit 100 Glider – First FPV Flights – OT’s Discus Launch Glider post and of course please check out My YouTube Channel for my latest videos.

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