This is just amazing, I can’t believe what people get up to sometimes.  And I’m a little bit jealous as well, to be honest, if I made so much as a small bang around here I’d probably end up in Gitmo / Gitmo II.  Anyways, check this crazy video out.  If you’ve seen it before, enjoy it again!

Coming soon to a burn ward near wherever these people are from (I’m guessing a spanish country, considering the background music)

Via LiveLeak:   Sledgehammer and explosives

Not sure which kind of shock sensitive explosive they’re using, but it’s certainly not Tannerite, but if you’re afraid of strapping explosives to your trusty sledge, maybe you can try this.   I wonder if it comes in 55 gallon drums…

And another edit, while we’re on the topic of explosives I wanted to touch a bit on the topic of internet ad placement.   When you’re viewing crazy articles and other things on the net, take a moment to actually look at the ads they place.   Because the ad engines are non-discriminatory you’ll often come upon things that just, are totally.. WRONG such as this ad.

Terrible Ad Placement

Terrible Ad Placement

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