I got back to work about a week ago, thanks to everyone that had kind and supportive words, I appreciate it. It’s an engineering oriented company and the people at the new place are nice and smart folks which makes it a cool place to work.

I took my mini-quad out to show the FPV features at the company picnic, but forgot to bring the video Rx battery so I flew it line of site instead.  I managed to lose orientation with the quad against a dark tree background and put it into the ground pretty hard.  Just broke the front props and lost the prop nuts, but I have spares. No video of this one, the memory card partially ejected out of the camera in the crash and the file was corrupted.

Note to self: I need to install that frame spacer/LED mount I printed months ago so that I can stick some strip LEDs on the quad in order to see which side I’m looking at 😛

One project I’m looking into is getting some gear drive stepper motors to rebuild the filament feed on my 3D printer, the Wade style filament drive is large and doesn’t really fit well on top of the printer. I also need to pick up an E3D v6 extruder or two when I can get the money together. It’d be nice to print dual materials and also build a close coupled extruder for printing flexible materials.


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