Humans can do pretty amazing things when it does not involve dealing with other human beings. For some reason we can go to the moon, send ships to mars and the moon, and we do it, for the most part, pretty darn well. If you want to feel good about being human, look at some of our technological achievements rather than our humanitarian ones. Run over to the NASA website and check out some of the amazing stuff we’re doing with space travel, the Hubble space telescope, all of the Mars projects and landers, the quality of the photography is often quite stunning and amazing.

Recently Arizona State Universty and NASA’s LROC project has been sending back some excellent high resolution moon photos for a little bit now and the teams have been making a few of them available. If you’re a fan of space and related stuff it’s definetly worth going over to their site to check it out.  Click on the photo, on that site, then click again, and again and so on to zoom into them, some of them show incredible detail.

At the same time, we also produce a lot of stuff like this, a crazy lady who thinks the rainbow in her sprinklers are a goverment plot. She’s probably a chemtrail believer too, that’s kind of a scary group, but at least it keeps them away from the airports.  Chemtrailers are like your crazy relative who goes on constantly about evil government plots. In this group it’s  people who think that the condensation streams you see behind jet-liners actually contain, or occasionally contain, secret chemicals in an effort to test chemical weapons and other things on the US population. I think the signal to noise ratio improves a bit with seeing the results of real science and research.  The chemtrailers and their related ilk are among the same crowd who believe that the moon landings were fake and filmed on a sound stage.

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