I really want to get the best results out of my Y-6 Multicopter camera platform and I know a big part of that is reducing motor/prop vibrations in the airframe. I’m looking into a dynamic balancer for the purpose because even with static balancing there are still vibes. The system is not running smoothly and must be fixed!

Of course a cheap dynamic balancer would be quite expensive I figured, seeing as I found one for close to $2500 for a hobby grade device that’s already been built and uses LASERS (oh joy of joys!), I’ve been researching options.

I’ve found a few solutions for balancing on a hobby budget. The first one I came across was just using accelerometers and an oscilloscope to measure the vibration. It’s really basic but not a bad idea.

The second one I came across was a a well documented and well made dynamic balancer from Technologie-Entwicklung Baumgart which requires the use of machining tools and electronics work (yay!!! ?) This one uses an piezo electric biomorphs (buzzers lol) and LOTS of science whoo!

The third dynamic balancer I found was for ducted fans from Bob’s Workshop in the UK, but looks pretty cool and it’s only 120 pounds!

I also found a handy spreadsheet for balancing rotating objects and apparently the second page shows all the formulas, you can find it here on Conrad Hoffman’s page as an XLS (excel spreadsheet) under ‘Balancing Rotating Objects’

I’m still hunting and searching, but I know I wont be satisfied until I can super accurately balance these motors and props!

If you have any recommendations yourself or cool ideas or something pops into your mind, please speak up, I’m a totally open chalkboard at this point and I’m looking for something cool and functional.

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