I’ve been flying quite a bit and not paying much attention to the load I’ve been putting on my speed controller. Today I plugged my CC50 ICE into the computer via the Castle Link to check out my last few flights on my Thunder Tiger Mini-Titan e325. I was quite surprised as most of my flying did not load the ESC as much as I had expected. While I had a few high spikes on current and wattage, overall my flights were pretty average.  I’ve mostly been practicing flips and inverted hovering, and most things I attempt do not qualify as hardcore 3D. I’m slowly getting there though.

My inverted hovering skills have been honed over a few flights.  The majority of it was done during one evening where I attempted it for the first time and then flew 3 more battery packs over the evening.  You can see this in the video of my first inverted hover attempts below.

So I’ve been working on those but I’ve also just been screwing around.  The log chart below is based on a flight where I was flying fast forward and then did a hard breaking maneuver by the following: Fast forward flight, rotate the heli 90 degrees(nose to the sky) and then applying high collective.  This spiked the power readings on the ice as you can see, pulling out a large amount of current. Just click on it to see a full size version.

When I did that I pulled the current up to around 50 amps on the ESC, which is within it’s peak rating by quite a bit. I have another flight on which I screwed up and I did a recovery, highly loading the rotor disc and you can see that chart below.  Again, just click it for a larger version

You can see in the above graph that I pulled nearly 60.3 amps,, again well within the limits.

I recommend viewing the old graphs from my Thunder Tiger Mini-Titan taken using my eLogger v3 from Eagle Tree over on my Upgraded Thunder Tiger Mini-Titan RC Helicopter and Eagle Tree Flight Data Recorder Results post (they open in a new window) to see how the data varies.

Basically by analyzing the information from my speed controller I have a better idea of how my flying is affecting my system, and as well I know I’m well within the systems limits.  Chance of an electrical failure due to my flying abilities is pretty low!  Carry on!

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