A while back when I replaced my eFlite Power 90 brushless motor bearings with some ceramic ball bearings from Boca. Shortly after  BocaBearings  friended me on YouTube and I took the opportunity to ask them a few questions about R/C helicopter bearings.

When I asked what it would cost to replace the bearings with ceramic ball bearings with steel races throughout my Mini Titan E325, I found out the cost would be around $150 . While that’s pretty expensive, you do get to tell everyone you’re running ceramics, and from my own experience the ceramics are a bit more durable than all steel bearings.

Then I asked the BocaBearings user on YouTube what it would cost to do an all ceramic bearing set for a Thunder Tiger Mini-Titan e325.  I didn’t get what I expected, I suspected that ceramic balls, and races would cost a bit more but apparently they cost a LOT more.  To convert a Mini-Titan E325 450 to total ceramic bearings, inside and out and everywhere in between would be almost $1100 dollars.   Now, I love my small R/C helicopter but unless someone is providing these as samples on a demo helicopter, I just don’t think it’s a worthwhile investment for myself but it is fun to dream.

While I recommend ceramic balled bearings, I cannot recommend total ceramic bearings for an R/C  heli unless you just want to be the first one ever to have a totally ceramic raced and balled heli.  If you do that PLEASE leave a comment below to where I can see pictures or videos of the R/C heli flying. I would love to see and hear that. I’m really curious if the sound changes.

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