Welcome to my Jon’s Hobbies blog site, this site used to belong to my HouseBlog, but since I’m quite heavily involved with radio controlled hobbies and electronics I decided to split most of these posts off into their own separate site which is http://www.jonshobbies.com/ or ‘the hob’ or some other cool modern name.

You’ll see quite a few ads listed on the site, and they’re not here to molest you or harass you.  Many R/C people who come here are just looking for the content and I am more than willing to share that with you, but many people come here from a random search into something they saw ~somewhere~ and they may find the links interesting. I certainly don’t make a living from the advertisements, my ads bring in about $20US a month which helps me manage the costs of hosting on multiple servers for my hobbies blog, my laser blog and my house blog.

If you find the information here useful or of interest, or if you contest the content I openly invite you to post in the comments. While the comments are moderated to limit spam ads like viagra and such I will CERTAINLY allow contesting opinions and conversations, please don’t feel that I will muzzle and handcuff your comment simply because I disagree with it. I love to have conversations and discussions with knowledgeable and intelligent life-forms such as yourself!

As I proceed through my hobbies, I share the experiences that I have. They may not always be of interest or ground breaking news, really, they rarely are, but this is meant more as an open discussion of what I’m doing and a history of my hobbies. While you can come and randomly search my hobby life, I can come back and relive the moments which I’ve enjoyed, or maybe not enjoyed, but I see my development.  The fact that the site is public and open to comment is just a side effect of my own virtual biography.

Thank you for viewing, and I hope you find the content interesting and engaging and wish to contribute to my life experience, and if not, feel free to let me know why, or what your disagreements are.